The Advanced program offers specialized classes in acting, movement, music, dance and other disciplines for students who will be entering grades 8 through 10 in the fall. Students in these grades who are new to STA must complete an interview with the Academy's directors before registering. 

During the first session, students in the Advanced group will have a regular schedule, combined with special afternoon workshops provided by UM Theatre Arts Faculty and/or local professionals. Workshops may last anywhere from one to three afternoons, and will allow the students a more in-depth excursion into one of the many facets of theatre.

During the second session, Advanced students will have the opportunity to work on auditioning skills as they prepare formal auditions for principal roles in STA's final production. Students will be asked to:

  • Perform a one-minute monologue
  • Sing a sixteen-bar vocal audition
  • Complete a dance call

After the auditions, students will begin rehearsals for the final production. Their camp days will be broken into acting, music, and dance rehearsals, combined with their regular class schedule.

The Advanced program students who are enrolled in the second session will showcase their talents in our final production. Each Advanced student will be featured in a scene or musical number selected by STA's Directors to match their strengths and interests!

If you are new to STA and would like to register for the Advanced program, please contact us at