Frequently Asked Questions

How big are the classes for each group?

Our classes are small; at full capacity, there are no more than twenty students per age group. This allows individual attention for each young camper.


How are students assigned to groups?

Groups are organized by age, so all students are in a group with other children who are close in age.


How many staff members work with each group?

Each group of no more than twenty students has a dedicated counselor that stays with that particular group through all their classes and accompanies them to lunch. Each class has a dedicated teacher, so each group of students is supervised by two staff members. Teachers are in charge of class content, while counselors provide guidance and assistance to students. 


What types of classes are offered?

In past years, STA classes have included training in the following areas:

  • Acting
  • Music
  • Dance
  • Acting for the Camera
  • Film Production and Theory
  • Improvisation
  • Playwriting
  • Theatre Production
  • Puppetry
  • Stage Movement
  • Stage Makeup
  • Stage Combat (only for students enrolled in the Advanced group)


What does a camper do during a regular day at STA?

Parents and campers meet their counselors every morning for drop-off at 8:45 AM, and all groups then proceed to the STA classrooms. After all-camp announcements, student groups attend multiple classes throughout the day, with lunch taking place around noon. At 3:40 PM, the entire camp goes to the pickup area to head home at the end of the day.


That sounds a lot like school. Isn't summer camp about kids having fun?

Yes, it sounds like school; and yes, students have fun. While STA is scheduled like an academic environment, it is one where students have fun while learning to appreciate and participate in the performing arts.


How does lunch work at STA?

Lunch takes place in the STA classrooms. STA campers must bring their own lunch every day.


Is there early-care and after-care?

Yes, early-care is available starting at 8:00 AM, and after-care is open until 5:30 PM, for an additional cost.


Are there live performances that parents can watch?

Yes! Each STA session ends with a showcase of the students’ work, where their families can enjoy the outcome of the creative process.